AIRYD NDT Services in Prince George, BC provides non-destructive testing and inspection services to the North Coast, Peace Region, Central Interior and Cariboo of British Columbia. Specializing in 24/7 onsite service, we work in mining, forestry, pulp & paper, oil & gas, fishing, automotive, machining, welding and fabrication Industries. We easily adapt to our clients’ individual requirements. We employ the latest techniques combined with an emphasis on safety, accuracy, dependability and response time.

Non destructive testing is a quality control method that does not damage or destroy the material or product being tested. It is used in a variety of settings that covers a wide range of industrial activity, with new NDT methods and applications being continuously developed. Non-destructive testing methods are routinely applied in industries where a failure of a component would cause significant hazard or economic loss, such as in transportation, pressure vessels, building structures, piping, and hoisting equipment.


Where new materials are being developed, older materials and bonding methods are being subjected to higher pressures and loads, Non destructive testing ensures that materials can continue to operate to their highest capacity with the assurance that they will not fail within predetermined time limits. Non destructive testing can be used to ensure the quality right from raw material stage through fabrication and processing to pre-service and in-service inspection.

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Certified in dielectric ultrasound, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant, AIRYD NDT also has a certified millwright/CAT 2 tech that can provide vibration analysis, balancing and laser alignments.